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You are a royal in our eyes and what better place to welcome you than the Durbar Hall, where one royal meets another . Durbar hall presents three unique festivals for music lovers .They are Balgandharva Mohotsav,Vasantotsav & padva pahat. This hall is a window not only for presenting creative ideas but also to preserve & grow Indian classical music in unique way.

Padva Pahat

Chandorkar Pratishthan is one of the pioneer in introducing morning raga concerts in Jalgaon.Since last 15 years we are organizing this event.Artists across the India had visited on the auspicious occasion of Padva Pahat, it's a treat for music lover

Balgandharva Mohotsav

The beverages of choice for people who like their drink strong and full bodied. To mask their sometime bitter taste, new avatars have evolved with fruit and essence infusions.

Vasant Utsav

A connoisseur’s beverage of choice, these tea-leaves are least processed and have a light misty colour that was likened to the Kohinoor Diamond by the Royals.


About The Journey

Late Vasantrao Chandorkar Smruti Pratishthan is Jalgaon based NGO & cultural organization registered with charity commissioner under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 bearing Regd. No. E – 878 Dt. 30.10.2001 Pratishthan has got 80 G Certificate 80 G NSK/CIT-II/80G (5)/18/2009-10 & IT Sec. 12 A Certificate No. NSK/CIT-II/Tech/5/35/2002-2003 Date.20.3.2002. from Income Tax Department.

We have received FCRA Certification from Ministry of Home Affairs. FCRA Regd, No.083840031 Dated 02.04.2009. The organization is working for Indian Classical Music & Dance.



A renowed Classical Vocalist pt. Vishnubuwa Bhakhale , began a music academy named as ‘Gayan Samaj’ Under the name and style of society for propagation of Vocal Musical skill. The storehouse of classical compositions by Pt.Bhaskarbuwa Bakhale and Pt. Krishnarao Fulambriakr was opened up for the learners of Indian Classical Music.

In the Jaipur Lineage (gharana) of Classical Music Rangopant Karkare and Dinkar Khanwale developed as able teachers (Guru) for imparting this skill in vocal music. It was in such a musical backdrop that young Vasantrao, son of Mr. Govindrao Chandorkar, a leading advocate from Dhule and contemporary of great historian Mr. Rajwade, arrived in Jalgaon for his schooling education.


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